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What is the Associated Press and How Does It Work?

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The Associated Press was founded 1898. In its early years, 2,500 reporters covered events in more 100 U.S. locations and 50 other countries. There were thousands more journalists who joined the AP, and their collective efforts amounted to over six thousand newspapers. Today, AP still boasts almost two million members. But who are they? And what is their history?

New York City's nonprofit news agency, The Associated Press, is headquartered at the Associated Press. It should not, however, be confused or confused with the Australian Associated Press Service (Pakistan) or the Australian Associated Press Service (Australia). The AP was formerly known as the "Press Association". The Associated Press is a cooperative group of newspaper publishers. It reports in English and Spanish. The AP has been recognized for its important news source and has received 56 Pulitzer Prizes.

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The Associated Press is also expanding into the broadcast media. It began to broadcast news to radio stations in 1941. In 1974, the AP created its own radio network. It launched APTV (an international newsgathering station) in 1994. This company merged with WorldWide Television News (1998). The APTN provides video to international broadcasters and websites. The AP moved its worldwide headquarters to 450 West 33rd Street. This street houses the WNET offices.

The Associated Press has been a prominent news agency for more than 165years. The Associated Press' history is enriched by the contributions of its members, who have captured and reported on every major event from royal weddings to presidential elections. It is credited for reporting on most important historical events and moments. This is why it is so important that you know about the Associated Press. Find out more about American society's contributions by reading about its history.

The AP has grown significantly over the years. While the AP started with five New York-based newspapers, there are now over 200 locations around the world. The AP sets the standards for ethical journalism, and has won 52 Pulitzer Prizes. For example, its investigation into slavery in the seafood industry helped free over 2,000 slaves. The AP provides local news to 378 newsrooms in the U.S., and to over 150 countries.

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The AP opened the first news bureau outside the United States in 1849. They first traveled to America in 1874 after meeting ships sailing from Europe. Mark Kellogg of the AP was killed during the Battle of the Little Bighorn, 1876. Melville E. Stone reorganized the AP in 1893. In 1899 the Associated Press used Guglielmo Maroni's wireless telegraph for coverage of the America's Cup yacht races off Sandy Hook (New Jersey).


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What is the Associated Press and How Does It Work?